“The Italian General Election of 2013” – Individual chapters in PDF format

Introduction: a perfect storm?
Lorenzo De Sio, Vincenzo Emanuele, Nicola Maggini and Aldo Paparo

Part 1 – Before the elections

How Berlusconi could yet pull off the unimaginable
Roberto D’Alimonte

2013 Italian Parliamentary Election Pre-Election Report
Aldo Paparo

Even in the Chamber of Deputies, the result is not to be taken for granted
Roberto D’Alimonte

The uncertainty of Monti’s electoral hold
Roberto D’Alimonte

The 2013 Senate lottery: Possible scenarios
Aldo Paparo

Part 2 – The electoral results

The live coverage on the CISE website on election day

Turnout: An accelerated decline
Federico De Lucia and Matteo Cataldi

An electoral tsunami hits Italy: 50 provinces washed away from PD and PdL
Matteo Cataldi and Vincenzo Emanuele

The center-right and center-left coalitions lose almost 11 million votes
Roberto D’Alimonte and Nicola Maggini

Italian parties’ loss of support and the success of a new political actor
Nicola Maggini

Votes to coalitions at the local level: Berlusconi takes the lead in small towns, and Bersani wins in the cities
Vincenzo Emanuele

Volatile and tripolar: The new Italian party system
Alessandro Chiaramonte and Vincenzo Emanuele

A “media divide” in the vote of February 25?
Lorenzo De Sio

Part 3 – Vote shifts

Vote shifts in Turin and Palermo
Roberto D’Alimonte and Lorenzo De Sio

The elections in Rome through an analysis of vote shifts
Matteo Cataldi and Aldo Paparo

Vote shifts between the Chamber and the Senate: The rise of the M5S and fall of the PD among young people
Aldo Paparo and Matteo Cataldi

Waves of support: M5S between 2010 and 2013
Aldo Paparo and Matteo Cataldi

Part 4 – Elected parliamentarians

The 2013 Parliament: New and more gender-balanced
Federico De Lucia

PD’s elected parliamentarians: Reelection rate, women, and political composition
Federico De Lucia

Center-right’s elected parliamentarians: PdL and Lega Nord
Federico De Lucia

Part 5 – Post-vote scenarios

After Napolitano: The calculation of the votes
Roberto D’Alimonte

Back to elections? Porcellum would generate ungovernability again
Roberto D’Alimonte

The vote of confidence hinders the minority government
Roberto D’Alimonte

First a reform of the Senate and then the electoral law
Roberto D’Alimonte

Conclusions: what lies ahead?
Lorenzo De Sio, Vincenzo Emanuele, Nicola Maggini and Aldo Paparo


List of Italian parties and abbreviations

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