The European Parliament Elections of 2019 – individual chapters in PDF

Introduction: Understanding the European Parliament elections of 2019
Luana Russo, Mark N. Franklin, Lorenzo De Sio

Part I − Comparative Overview

Much ado about nothing? The EP elections in comparative perspective
Davide Angelucci, Luca Carrieri, Mark N. Franklin

Party system change in EU countries: long-term instability and cleavage restructuring
Vincenzo Emanuele, Bruno Marino

Spitzenkandidaten 2.0: From experiment to routine in European elections?
Thomas Christiansen, Michael Shackleton

Explaining the outcome. Second-order factors still matter, but with an exceptional turnout increase
Lorenzo De Sio, Luana Russo, Mark N. Franklin

Impact of issues on party performance
Nicola Maggini, Lorenzo De Sio, Diego Garzia, Alexander H. Trechsel

Part II − Results across the 28 EU countries

Austria: An election overshadowed by Ibiza-gate
Sylvia Kritzinger, Carolina Plescia

Belgium: Least salient, but very European
Louise Hoon

Bulgaria: neither a protest, nor a European vote
Nikoleta Yordanova

Croatia: Towards further fragmentation of the party system
Andrija Henjak

Cyprus: An election of ‘soft’ phenomena: apathy, incumbent punishment and far right consolidation
Giorgos Charalambous

Czech Republic: No country for old parties
Vlastimil Havlík

Denmark: The surprising success of pro-European mainstream parties
Julie Hassing Nielsen

Estonia: A scene set by the preceding national election
Piret Ehin, Liisa Talving

Finland: European Elections in the aftermath of national elections
Henrik Serup Christensen, Marco Svensson La Rosa

France: Setting the stage for 2022
Romain Lachat

Germany: Second order but still groundbreaking?
Heiko Giebler

Greece: A story of government punishment and party-system stabilisation
Eftichia Teperoglou

Hungary: A paradoxical episode under electoral authoritarianism
Gabor Toka

Ireland: Something for almost everyone
Michael Marsh

Italy: Complete overturn among government partners – League doubled, M5S halved
Irene Landini, Aldo Paparo

Latvia: European expertise matters
Janis Ikstens

Lithuania: Defeat of Eurosceptic parties in the shadow of a presidential campaign
Mazvydas Jastramskis

Luxembourg: The permanent downfall of Luxembourg’s dominant party?
Patrick Dumont, Raphaël Kies, Dan Schmit

Malta: Unstoppable Labour?
Marcello Carammia, Roderick Pace

Netherlands: A Timmermans (Spitzenkandidaten) effect?
Arjan Schakel

Poland: A skirmish before the decisive battle
Michał Kotnarowski, Mikolaj Czesnik

Portugal: Defeat for the right, challenges for the left
Marco Lisi

Romania: Between national politics and European hopes
Sorina Soare, Claudiu Tufis¸

Slovakia: Continuation of electoral earthquakes
Peter Spác

Slovenia: Split national political identities in EU electoral democracy
Simona Kustec

Spain: The endless election sequence
Enrique Hernandez, Marta Fraile

Sweden: We are all the winners
Maria Oskarson

United Kingdom: European Elections in the run-up to Brexit
Kaat Smets

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