The 2014 EP Election across Europe

The 2014 EP Election across Europe


a project by Lorenzo De Sio, Vincenzo Emanuele and Nicola Maggini

In occasion of the 2014 EP election, there is something new on the CISE website. In parallel to the contributions in Italian by CISE scholars on EP (and local) election results in Italy, we thought interesting to have a focus on EP elections in other countries, by scholars all around Europe.

We began by contacting a few Italian expatriate scholars around Europe. Their enthusiastic response stimulated the extension of the project: as a result, we ended up assembling a group of 22 young, brilliant electoral scholars from all around Europe, covering all 28 EU member states.

Below are the first available reports flowing in, starting from Friday 30th May. The complete series will be available in a few days (most contributions are already available in Italian: see here). It will be later collected into a free e-book (both in Italian and English) of the Dossier CISE series.


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