Papers and presentations from the “Revisiting Party Identification” conference are now online

Panel 1:

David W. Brady and Arjun  S. Wilkins
Secular realignment in the United States 1937-2010: a preliminary analysis

Samuel J. Abrams and Morris P. Fiorina
Are leaning independents deluded or dishonest weak partisans?

Douglas Rivers
Party identification in the US over the electoral cycle

Panel 2:

Roberto D’Alimonte, Lorenzo De Sio and Nicola Maggini
Party identification and party system change: Italy between the First and the Second Republic

Hermann Schmitt and Paolo Segatti
Political parties, left-right orientations and the vote in Italy, France and Germany

Panel 3:

Piergiorgio Corbetta and Pasquale Colloca
Political orientation in times of crisis in Italy: the consequences of job precariousness

Radoslaw Markowski
Idiosyncrasies of party identification in new democracies: the case of Central & Eastern Europe

Panel 4:

Bruno Cautres
A view on party identification from France : substantive and methodological considerations

Adriaan Luyten and Chistophe Crombez
Party Loyalty in Belgium and Germany: The Effects Of Consumer Confidence and Government Approval

Panel 5:

Cees Van der Eijk
Party Identification and PTVs

Hans M.A. Schadee and  Cristiano Vezzoni
Options for party identification: questions in multiparty systems

Panel 6:

Donald P. Green
Breaking empirical deadlocks in the study of partisanship: an overview of experimental research strategies

Jacques Thomassen and Martin Rosema
Party identification revisited